Gabrielle Bardell

Travel and Tourism Copywriter

Aloha, I’m Gabrielle. I specialize in writing website copy and blog posts for hotels, vacation rental properties, and tour companies. Peruse my site at your leisure, and I think you’ll find I’m just the girl you’ve always been searching for… professionally that is.


The hospitality and tourism industry is in an era of unprecedented growth, and with that growth comes a world of opportunity for you to reach people (and them to reach you) unlike ever before. The fact that you’ve made it to my site means you understand the value of quality copy, and how effective content can be what differentiates you from all the other runners in the race. Together, you and I can work to bring your company to the forefront with vivid language and relevant information.

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Transport your readers to new and exciting destinations


Deliver information in a way that captivates their minds (legally)


Make their mouths water for a taste of the sweetness only you can provide


…and when the moment is just right… LEAVE THEM NO CHOICE but to take action, and book with you directly. I’m here to help you with that.





“We hired Gabrielle to add and improve the copy on the main pages of Gabrielle carefully listened to our story, helped organize the information, optimize for SEO, and present it in an attractive way to build our brand and speak directly to the needs of our customers. She definitely gave us insights on what was needed and helped produce it.”